Thank you for popping over to my donate and purchase page, truly.

My campaign is 100% funded by the personal donations of my
supporters as well as my own personal contributions. That's how much I believe in my candidacy. Enough to say to my donors, I have no personal agenda, except to represent Ward 9 and Calgary as a whole.

My goal in running for Ward 9 City Councillor is to advance the
messages of transparency, advocacy, and that City Council is
meant to work for and with the citizens of Calgary.



Some Fun Stuff

Please note:


Cheques can be made to: 

Lori Masse ForWard 9 (please call for mailing address or we can pick up)

Email transfers accepted at: or

Disclosure about campaign finances is important to Lori despite what the rules might say. The official rules are more extensive than listed below.

Summary of the Official Rules

  • Total donations (other than the candidate) to the campaign prior to December 31, 2020 may not exceed $5000.

  • Dononations and purchases can be made up to December 31, 2021

  • Donors can be from anywhere in Alberta, including outside of Calgary.

  • Donors must be individuals, not corporations or unions. 

  • Candidates can contribute up to $10,000 annually to their campaign.

  • A receipt will be issued for your contribution. Please note, donations to municipal campaigns are not eligible for tax receipts.


  • All donors will be listed on our webpage regardless of donation amount including product purchases and event tickets (see below) prior to election day.

  • ​A comprehensive expense report will be generated for public review after the election.